Meridian Global Uniforms offers branding apparels of comfortability and reliability. We are a trusted partner for over forty years providing service and student uniforms, protective wear clothing and linen solutions.​

Meridian Uniforms is the preferred partner for your complete branding solutions. Whether in the kitchen area, lab, spa, care facilities, transport or technical trade colleges. Our products are easily laundered and are proven to last more than sixty washes. Comfort, quality that persists, just like our brand.​

Meridian Global Uniforms is an owner-operated manufacturer and distributor. Our direct production pipeline is green-oriented, sustainable, and rigorously tested at each stage of production for quality standards and suitable lead time. Our achievement is our versatility to produce all types of work wear (woven and knitted) products directly to you so you can rely on competitively priced solutions with ordering stability. As a manufacturer and a local distributor, we are vertically integrated with SAP (HANA), to optimize order management, to ensure product availability and to mitigate supply chain issues.

Meridian’s product line has been designed in Toronto and tested for the North American market. Our creative designs, custom programs, easy-to-care-for fabrics, full-size range, and thoughtful details make Meridian the leader in fashionable, functional, and affordable work wear.

Our goal is to build the right program for you.